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”The Camp King Industries brand has been built on providing high quality overlanding products to a global market of 4wd enthusiasts who value products of the highest quality and style”

Lucas Schubring and Sarah Wilson

Founding Owners- Camp King Industries.

Who we are


The Camp King Industries brand was developed late in 2016. The brand operates as part of the Ausmetal Engineering entity. Ausmetal Engineering is a multi award winning sheetmetal business based in Brisbane, owned by Lucas Schubring and Sarah Wilson.


Ausmetal Engineering has been operating since 2013.


Lucas and Sarah both love camping and the 4wd industry. Lucas grew up watching his father who was a canvas upholster making hard top canopies. He always had the idea to one day make his own canopies!


Fast forward to 2015, he thought he would put that plan into action. Our neighbour at that time was a canvas manufacturer, so the plan to start making hard top canopies began. We quickly started getting requests for full aluminium canopies and trays.


The idea for a 4wd accessory brand was planted.


In January 2016 we were on our way back from a camping trip at Fraser island with our 3 kids when we first introduced the brand and our vision to everyone else!


The brand grew interest throughout 2016 and into 2017, along with our eagerness to expand our product range.


Fast forward to 2020……….. We are have a well known product range, our products are being showcased on a global platform and we have bases throughout Australia and the world.



We are so very proud of his brand! We are just as passionate about it today as we were when we first started.



Australian Made- Our Pledge


All our products are proudly Certified Australian Made.

We are passionate about supporting Australian Made products and the flow on effect that is created. Buying Australian Made boosts local communities, it creates employment opportunities for young Australians and it stimulates not just the local economy but the greater Australian economy.


Another great reason to support Australian Made is that the quality control of products manufactured onshore is higher. Items are built on supply and demand schedule, not mass produced. More than likely the person who sells you the product may also be the same person who manufactures the item or owns the business. The process is more personal.


We rely on other local Australian Manufactures for our components, and where possible we will always purchase Australian Made steel. All the canvas we use is made in Australia, so are the awning poles that we use on our roof top tents. The mattresses that we use for the roof top tents and tub campers are also made in Australia.

Is it more expensive? Yes it is, but it is a far superior product. When we have access to these quality materials within our country why wouldn’t you want to use them? We are firm believers that you will always get what you pay for when it comes to cheap import products.

We thoroughly enjoy showcasing our Australian Made products to a global market. Australian Made products are regarded highly throughout the world trade arena.

Our products will always be manufactured within Australia!

How we Manufacture one of the Highest Quality Off-road Canopies on the Market?


Designed and engineered in Brisbane by an industry leading mechanical engineer our Canopies don’t disappoint. We start with one of the toughest most durable frames available on the market. A  50mm x 50mm x 3mm  Aluminum frame that’s fully TIG welded for maximum strength and integrity.


Our doors are sealed with pinch weld rubber seals, we use bolt on heavy duty gas stays on the doors and premium Black vector door locks. Our canopies are fully TIG welded inside and out. TIG welding is recommended for weight bearing products as if offers a stronger weld depth and integrity. TIG welded canopies have a clean, flush professional finish.  All our canopies are quality checked during their build process, we always welcome customers to view the quality of our work at any time.


Canopy Weight

Our 2 Door Premium Offroad Canopy with floor weights approximately 150kgs depending on design features, and accessories.


Canopy Roof Capacity

Our 50mm x 50mm x 3mm frame is officially certified by a civil engineer to hold over 600kgs static weight. Making it one of the toughest on the market!

Camp King Ute Canopy
Camp Kinf Roof Top tent

Our Roof Top Tents


The idea for our Roof Top tents first came up in around 2016. We started working with our canvas supplier to try and develop a hard shell aluminium design that we could introduce to the Australian market. We wanted a tough tent, a tent that would withstand all climatic environments. A tent that was visually stylish ouside and was luxurious on the inside.

The first prototype of this tent was manufactured in January 2018. The concept tent was introduced to the Australian Market at the Brisbane 4×4 show in March 2018.

We made several changes to this concept tent and then released to the Australian market.

We then released the tent to the international market at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff Arizona with Sloop Imports in May 2018.

Since then our Australian Made tent has been featured in Official Maxxis Tires promotions in the USA, it has also been featured in Australia by Pat Callinan on his iconic Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures show.

The tent has also been displayed at the Riyadh Auto show in Saudi Arabia.

We are so very proud of our tent!


Camp King Roof Top tent

Australia’s most luxurious roof top tent!


Light weight and durable

Camp King Hard Top Canopy

The winning combo for any Tradeys ute!


Built to the highest standards!


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