Camp Kings top 3 picks for SE QLD campsites

Camp Kings top 3 picks for SE QLD campsites

Top 3 Campsites in South East Queensland

Not an easy list to narrow down, but we have done some thinking recently and settled on these three locations within 2 hours of Brisbane.

3. Gordon Country

Gordon Country is a privately owned property just outside the Goomburra section of the Main Range National Park and just over 2 hours from the centre of Brisbane.

The Campground is a working cattle property and basically allows you to camp anywhere on the property. To add to the fun it has a range of “levels” from full on Glamping tents and cabins through to remote areas with no facilities.

Having kids, we find it a great place to go when the creek is flowing as there are a number of water holes and plenty of space for them to ride bikes, let loose and just enjoy nature.

For more information check out the full Gordon Country Website

2. Booloumba Creek Campground.

Booloumba Creek is hands down, one of the most spectactular creeks in Queensland and it is just 6kms south of Kenilworth. Check out the photos if you dont believe me.

The crystal clear and brilliant blue waters of Booloumba creek settled in a rain-forest like setting make for an incredibly relaxing campsite. While there are a number of different “campsites” (1-4) most are designed for a vehicle and tent set up. Only Booloumba Creek Camp 4 is capable of taking a camper trailer or roof top tent and it is a few minutes walk to the creek. However, well worth it for the comfort of a roof top tent 😉

For more info on Booloumba, check out the National Parks website.

1. Moreton Island

One of the many island in Moreton bay, Moreton Island, is the most enjoyable for an island camping getaway. It has a lot of similarities to the better known Fraser Island, but it is much closer to Brisbane and far less touristy.

The island gives you a number of options for camping. You can head to the Eastern beach if you are looking to watch big waves role in and enjoy camping with little to no amenities. If your preference is more for showers and toilets and a place to swim you, there are plenty of those options on the western side of the island.

When you’re thinking about your next camping getaway, make sure to check out Moreton Island

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